What is the negative seo ?

SEO as you know very well what you're are shipped. This is a double-edged sword. Indeed, if he can help any website to further improve its ranking in the search engines, he can also have the opposite impact. Most malicious people use SEO to deteriorate competing sites. This is called NSEO or negative seo.

NSEO's technical

When you know how our enemy is, one can easily combat. Before knowing how to prevent it, here are the techniques with which he arms to destroy you.

Search engines like Google are constantly improving their algorithms to highlight the quality of websites in top ranking results. All sites that are not in line with their recommendations will not be well positioned. NSEO's policy then build on these penalties inflicted by the engines to negatively impact the SEO of a site. To destroy while referencing a siteweb, simply apply to the letter all these bad practices. The competitor will duplicate as well, for example, your content and disseminating the mass on the web. It is also possible to take hold of your site then add many advertisements or rework your content to simply harming their quality provided to hack it.

How to know if your website is being bullied?

Your site is victim of NSEO when you notice a sudden positioning drop in the search engines, a fuck traffic without any explanation, an alert from Google telling you that your site does not comply in any case good SEO practices. Apart from these signs, you should not have worried.

How to fight against the NSEO?

If you find that your site is victim of any of these warning signs, you have to take things in hand as soon as possible. First, you need to secure your site so that no one can get inside. If necessary, change the host. Your content and files You must also thoroughly check while eliminating the changes that the hacker will be made. You may be led to disavow all backlinks harming your SEO.

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