What are the PHP functions ?

The function is a subroutine or procedure. Two types whose "built-in" or "built-in functions" that are usually included by default in php to each distribution and each programmer-defined functions that can be also called the "user functions" can be distinguished a function intended to create generic functions used in other programs in order to avoid repetition of the same code in all projects to clarify the code that is repeated several times in a same function by consolidating some features a program and allows changing the code easier especially when it comes to change the content of a function. Note that each effect is performed on the entire program without you having to edit it every time.

In real time, a function is declared by the instruction "function" declaring a function, the name of this "name_fonction" function, the parameter list separated by commas and of course the "return" statement that is optional for the returning a variable. If you have difficulty determining the function that will be called at a specific time of the script, simply place it in a variable name of a function and to use it as function thereafter.

The different functions of php

The real power of PHP lies in its functions. All php development company know it. Basically, there are more than 1000 built-in functions. Apart integrated php functions, it is also possible to create your own user-defined functions. It is quite possible to create its own function by using function. This will be a real advantage especially if you do not want to retype each time the parts of code in full. Its creation was first made by creating the function by giving it a name. Then choose the settings that it will need and finally determine carefully what she will do. It is impossible to mention them all in this article. However, you should know that writing it must be by a header containing information about the function and the declaration of your function.

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