How many years, do you need to study to become a professional developer ?

The web now offers many career opportunities including the developer business. The latter is the one who perform all the technical functionalities of a website in particular or an application. Whether engineer or technician, it's role is to design a customized website tailored to the needs of its customers but also for technical solutions exist depending on the project and the application of these.

The developer of business

Whether ruby ​​on rails developers or developers of other languages, the business remains the same. Indeed, following the drafting of a set of specifications made by the project manager, web developer will then be able to analyze customer needs and choose the right solution needed to develop the functionality of the site or application régideant in lines of code. The developer profession is also to solve the problems already present on a website online by conducting a diagnosis before the posting corrections without interrupting the operation of the client site. Sometimes it even has to train his client for it to understand the functionality of the site. Basically, a web developer has a lot of tasks and missions to complete.

Studies and courses

To become a web developer, you must at least have a BAC + 2 or BTS and computer networks for industry and technical sertices or an HND in computing, a BTS IT services to organizations route system infrastructure solutions network or route slogicielles solution and business applications. At university, it is also possible to have a computer science, computer pro license MPT developer, web developer for enterprise, developer and manager of information systems, a pro masteur design and development of integrated IT solutions or a Master pro software engineering for the internet and other degrees.

Despite five years of study, a web developer can become a real professional through that experience; a lot of patience and curiosity.

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