ROR, every developer knows a little about it. So it's a safe code !

Several tools are being used to create innovative and effective web sites. One of the most quoted among startups currently is, ruby ​​on rails. You should know that rating is in no way usurped if one refers to the many benefits of this tool. Of course, it will be important to know the perfectly before you can adopt subsequently.

The popular with startups

Reminder ruby ​​on rails or ROR for short is a framework using the Ruby language for building web applications. The Ruby language is an object oriented language, performed while multi paradigm. Of course, it is very powerful and now has a framework to measure that power. Ror is open source and its design was based on two fundamental principles. The ruby ​​on rails developers will be able to have items in one place with the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself principle. This is possible with the MVC architecture and meta-programming language. The details will no longer specify either through the convention over configuration which is another basic principle of ror. Rails will propose default behaviors in terms of its functionality.

Security with a good list of benefits

There are many advantages of ror and the first for this is security. It will therefore be possible to code safely. Clearly, rails already has default protection systems that will face the classic attacks. Suffice it to specify the programming later for even more security. Otherwise, accentuating even more convenience and safety during development work, ror will do tests. This framework is delivered with a complete set of tools to write own way of testing. Of course, all the advantages of rails go in the practical sense. Products sites will therefore secure, well mounted and especially unique. All rails of attractions in this direction if we cite only the scaffolding, Active Record, or migration.

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