Do you know ruby on rails? No.. Read this!

Everyone had to hear at least once Ruby or Ruby On Rails. If you already know it you will be able to learn more, for those who do not know what it is, it is the opportunity to get to know him.

From simply rails technology

To begin, you must first learn at least about Ruby and the Rails. Ruby is a known programming language. It is one of the top 10 most used languages. But its popularity is mainly due to the performance of the Rails. Rails is somehow a software library that implements Ruby during programming. This is where the name ruby ​​on rails originated. It is a package made up of software added to Ruby so that this language produces the expected effects. RoR is a very useful framework for the creation of websites but also its applications with its interface API. The ruby on rails is considered a "back end" software because it creates web applications that run directly on the server side. In all its splendor, the RoR has made adepts throughout the world of development, these fans gather in a large community Ruby on Rails that share experiences with the Rails. Basically, simply rails is more than just a software library, it's a unique technology.

Who manipulates this framework?

Knowing that there is a large community that relies on RoR, it is interesting to see how these people are invested in working with Ruby on rails. The RoR developer can not be a hands-on developer, he must be a computer scientist who loves and trusts blindly to RpR. Under these conditions, only the most passionate people can manipulate this framework. There are currently people who have learned to code with ruby ​​and implement with this framework but the result is not the same when the real followers of the rails intervene. It is important for this that the professional acquires more experience to fully accomplish a flawless development with Ruby and RoR.

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