Where to get a dedicated offshore server ?

When you create a website for your business online, you have two choices about your hosting server. First of it, the share hosting, and second one is a private virtual server. You need to know those difference to help you to your hosting server choice.

The first plan with metropolitan method

This is the largest program that many websites choose to protect their website. The concept is simple, you have to rent a place on a center server. This hosting company gives you a little space that you can put your website. The advantage is, that you don’t care about any matters about your server, so it must be available in any moments. Also, about the price, this community server doesn’t cost you anything. But the inconvenient is about the security of your website. Because you have to share it with another client, when they are in a confusion, and the center hosting decide do eliminate this website, they cut the IP address. The packed is that in this one IP address there are many servers inside, so your website will also be banished on this hosting. In the other way, if one website is so naughty, they will be able in the line of hackers, and you who were in the best traffic will be exposed to this hacker attacked too.

The best hosting offshore

That why we choose the second option and his precious place on Hong Kong dedicated server with the serious concept strategic about our server protection. There are many kinds of program like KoDDoS system, but this one is so special. He had the largest offers that makes your server in his own security. The plan is to configure your server in 48 hours that you surcharge your package choice. They give a permanent service for all information and help that you may needed in any time. They assure your website will be available in any condition. You have many tools that makes you to control your server on distance. The power of your connectivity is in a high Gigabits. You have the option to just use it or get more specific accompaniment to be a seller hosting.

KoDDoS is present in Hong Kong, because this is the first country to have the biggest energy to support an interest infrastructure like this, you can also choose Netherlands and USA.

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