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Controversies over the viability of applying PHP in the production of IT products and services can often be found today. There are so many publications which are mostly written in emotions by frustrated programmers highlighting the disadvantages and limitations of PHP and its frameworks that, as a business owner, you may also begin to hesitate if PHP fits your project. Was this really such a bad situation? And if so, why is PHP only writing 83 percent of all web services? And why is it that market leaders have to choose from? The fact is that PHP is continuously improving due to its open-source existence and an excellent culture.

Services based on PHP are easily scalable and well recorded

Companies often win when the IT solution is built into iterations in terms of ROI. It allows the progressive release of various software modules and the necessary modifications in the course of the development. With PHP, scalable IT projects can be built and supported and multiple pages with different settings can be created continuously. PHP software is distinguished by an excellent documentation and transparency. So it takes less time to grasp in depth what's going on in the script — if it's well-written, of course. And if you need to switch the developer or the entire team, you can easily manage iterative creation with minimal risk of foot-dragging.

PHP Software is easily updated and maintained

PHP code can be freely modified and changed by php developer from simplyphp due to easily decipherable syntax. It means that, they assure the maintenance and updating of PHP-based projects is no problem. These can be tailored for emerging applications that enter the market and to the new business requirements easily and cost-effectively. And thanks to the involvement of open-source, new technology that meets businesses ' changes needs while emerging constantly and costs nothing. And since PHP code is written in a clear and distinct manner, any group can provide maintenance and support, just like simplyphp with its team that created the project.

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