How to build a dynamic website

For all php developers, creating a dynamic website is about writing Web pages (in HTML format) to place them in a folder (website). This can be done statically using an HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Frontpage, NVU, ...) that can hardly be a collective work and requires some technical skills; or dynamically using a CMS (Content Management System or CMS): these are systems that allow you to download content.

Important parameters to evaluate

First of all, you have to define the type of site. It will determine the tools to use, especially if you plan to use a content manager to facilitate the creation. Then you have to choose the theme of the site and its audience. For optimal indexing by the search engines and a better positioning in the results, a site should be dedicated to a single theme, well defined. The first step is therefore the exact definition of what the site will be dedicated to. There are several types of hosts ranging from a simple free hosting provider to high-end provider guaranteeing bandwidth, ensuring the backup of your site.

Do not neglect one of the most important parts of creating a site, design. This is the packaging, which will sublimate the content to make the consultation of the site pleasant. We can say that the pace of the site is in agreement with the personality of its author. The number one rule is definitely to have a site with real content. The number one rule is definitely to have a site with real content. It sounds simple but it is important to have useful and original content.

To know the effectiveness of your site, it is important to set up tools that allow analysis to detect possible problems or optimize its operation. We can combine "free" statistics tools. For example, one to learn more about real-time traffic and one to more accurately analyze traffic over a period of time (google analytics).

So, if you want to create a dynamic site, it is essential to consider all these points above. These various parameters will contribute to the durability of your site but also, they will generate significant traffic, especially in terms of visibility.

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