European market leaders in App development and web design

The mobility market is increasingly fragmented. A mobile application must be operational on various screens, such as those of a smartphone, a tablet or on alternative screens such as those of a connected watch.

The digitalisation era is a major force for the development of a company. In Europe, application design is becoming more and more innovative. The app development in Geneva is for example a key phenomenon because many Swiss startups have the capacity to integrate new concepts of use of our mobiles. What about the leaders of Europe in this area?

Spain: the country of talented programmers

Spain is now one of the most attractive mobile and web development markets in Europe. Nowadays, having a digital presence is more of an obligation than a choice for businesses. This makes the developer a valuable but expensive asset. It is therefore not surprising that countries such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom, where developer salaries are among the highest in Europe, are turning to the Spanish market for quality work and at affordable rates. Increasingly suspicious of offshore, they choose to outsource their web and mobile development projects in nearshore.

The most coveted applications in Europe

Games are at the top of the most developed mobile application categories. Being both the most used and the most profitable, they represent 41% of all applications made in 2015.

In second place and without too much of the games, are the applications for entertainment. They account for 32% of all apps created in the past year.

At the other end of the list are business applications that account for only 8% of the total. However, this type of application has already gained ground in 2016. Being in the customer's pocket has now become a necessity rather than a question of choice.

More than half of programmers specializing in new technologies, including the Internet of Things, are developing for smartphones. Spain is no exception to the rule. It concentrates the majority of the leaders in application development. The almost limitless possibilities of these technologies affect all areas of applications: online commerce, information dissemination, games, meetings, collaborative services, finance, blogs, video, music...

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