Discovering the world of Php programming

Discover how to use the PHP language and how to develop dynamic websites, including the easy interaction of this language with databases. This language is ideal for creating blogs or discussion forums. PHP is distinguished by its performance and robustness, as the language is Open Source, anyone can contribute to its evolution, so that it is constantly improved and that it will never be abandoned. And if you want to learn how to create dynamic websites too, this is your lucky day, you are about to find out the world of php development.

Functioning of php

It's a language that only servers understand and that makes your site dynamic. It is PHP that "generates" the web page. It can work alone, but it really only takes interest if it is combined with a tool such as MySQL. MySQL is called a DBMS (Database Management System). To put it simply, its role is to record data in an organized way to help you find them easily later. The language that communicates with the database is called SQL.

Php facilitates customer understanding

PHP generates HTML for customers who are unable to understand php programming code. They only know HTML and CSS. With PHP, you can create dynamic and interactive sites. The role of PHP is precisely to generate HTML code (one can also generate CSS, but it is more rare), code which is then sent to the client in the same way as a static site.

PHP is supported on several operating systems

It will then be very easy to move an application written in PHP from an original Windows server to a Linux server without having to modify it (or very little). Many companies of national and international reputation trust him for the development of their website. PHP is called free software. Among other things, it gives you guarantees of sustainability. Everyone can contribute to its development. So you do not risk seeing all webmasters lose interest in PHP overnight, and that's very important!

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