How much earn a php developer ?

A salary around 1500$ in early career, many prospects that are very interesting and a very valued specialization, pay a php developers is revealed in this article.

What are the prospects for wage php developers? Does recent variertont depending on their geographic location or their specialized skills?

In Paris

If it is based on the figures given by the French Association of PHP users, about 53% are real developers and 18% of the lead developers. These figures are supplemented by project leaders, consulates, brokers, architects, managers or leaders.

Early in his career, the developer can afford to consider a gross salary of 28,000 euros a year in province and about 31,000 euros in Paris. In Paris the first experience is actually very valued with a median salary even going up to 40,000 euros per month for employees with experience between two and five years. Progress is made thereafter on a continuous pace is about 6000 Euros for every five years of Euros in 4000 against extérience province.


In the United States, wage developments in the IT sector continues to increase. Experts developers even among the top three job profiles whose remuneration is experiencing a sharp increase per year. It increased by 7.6% since 2012 now offering a salary of 95,879 dollars a year gross. The developer profession is then left of the highest paid of all positions across the Atlantic. For application developers, wages stagnated in about $ 78,000 a year while engineers see their pay increase to 97,000 dollars even if it's about $ 100,000 for information system managers and Database Administrator.

In the US, the most valued IT skills are those that are consistent with the profiles of the most sought after positions in any American state. The items with the highest wages are focused on problem analysis and database. The analytical language satistique R. ahead NoSQL domain and MapReduce programming.

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