Learn to program a local application with php !

Its reputation has made php one of the best languages ​​to make web app. The users of the websites need applications and it is the same for the users of the computers in offline. Everything is possible with this language. No need to be a professional to know that there are some applications that can be created offline and that can be tested online to know its effectiveness. But for the desk app, it is different because one does not have to have application software because php is already sufficiently powerful for the creation of applications and other tools to use on a local network.

PHP, simply effective

To implement any application, you must have a server on which to introduce the tool. In the case of a local application, the computer will be used as the main server and the power supply will mainly come from the local network. For this desk app, no need for an Internet connection because the application can easily be used, at least some of them. The coding is done almost automatically as for the php programming of a website. The developer will perform all the tasks corresponding to the creation of the application on a local network. Otherwise, we can also launch this application from a web page coded with php but the execution turns out to be even more difficult. In some cases, programmers install a semblance of a local web server to host local applications.

The basis for local development

Development on a local network is not that different from a php development company. Learning would be child's play. But to do that, you have to understand several things. First, you have to have a server. Even if it is not the web, the application must still be supported by a system, so it is important to have a local "web" server. Then it is also important to know that the local application server installed on the computer will behave as if it is a request from a web user so the request and return reaction is the same . Since the app will have a relationship with the outside, it can be easily tested. You still have to have a great notion of on-line application development.

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