For your setup and platform maintenance

Achieving an e-commerce project is first of all choosing the most appropriate solution for your short, medium and long term needs. There is no ideal solution! There are projects, and solutions adapted to each project! Each project is unique, but each project requires state-of-the-art expertise, permanent support to allow you to focus on the heart of your business: sell more and more efficiently. By using magento developer, you could then optimize the configuration and maintenance of your website.

Advanced software

Magento has very advanced features concerning the ergonomic navigation on its platform, the ease of adaptation regarding the disposition of the products to be put on sale, the functionalities in the shop itself and the assembly of the products according to their themes or characteristics. The wish list is also well done which allows to perfect the user experience.

Clear statistics about your activity

Magento offers an assortment of detailed statistics to have the information you expect about your business. Reports are sent to you about visitor flow, demand, out-of-stock products, new items on the market, etc. Taking advantage of this information allows you to develop better strategies and saves you a lot of time in terms of market research!

Better order management

Manage and sort your orders allows you to send your products faster and more efficiently depending on the date of purchases made by your different customers. A good control panel allows you to better manage your inventory and take stock of your flagship products and optimize your marketing campaign. Magento allows you to visualize your orders, to create new ones, to execute others, to raise invoices, to face the various annoyances or to edit coupons of all kinds. It also allows you to keep your customers informed about the progress of their orders by sending notifications by e-mail or RSS feed, and thus create new replenishments.

Choose Magento as an e-commerce solution is an excellent choice in terms of speed of execution, ease of modification of your offers, and reliability in the security and administration of your different product pages. Choosing a platform that matches your needs is also about success and productivity.

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