Building a website from scratch vs from a CMS

If you want your business or services you offer can be seen worldwide. If you want to expand your business or to acquire new customers. You should consider you create a website for your image and that of your company. To do this, you have the choice between directly use a content management system or make use of ruby ​​on rails developers.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a CMS for the creation of its website

The CMS allows you to enjoy a high speed of installation for a functional Base System. It is a system ready to use with a very low cost and ease of installation. You do not need to install software and all management is done from the administration interface. The form and content are separated with a possibility to change at any time. It is also possible with a CMS to organize and prioritize the content at will with an edition of more simplified pages through a graphical interface, management of access rights, a possibility to include a search engine on site and a possibility to update content with ease.

Advantage of using a professional web

The first thing you must have in mind is to hire a web professional to create your site from scratch you will make some considerable savings. You actually lose more time in the design of the visual identity of your site, the graphic or learning the CMS platform if you decide to design your own WebSite. By hiring a developer, you are sure to get a website that fully reflects the image of your company. In this situation, the premium experience. You will then get an original site with a matchless beauty, a proper display in your browser, use on all screens and quick reception of visitors.

You still have to know that a custom website is always beneficial as it can perfectly respond to precise specifications.

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